Vancouver Public Schools

Free preschool developmental screenings


Free developmental screenings for children ages 3 to 5 will be offered for children living in the Vancouver School District.  Parents should call the Early Childhood Evaluation Center at 313-4853 for a prescreening interview if they believe their child’s development may be delayed in the areas of vision, hearing, eye-hand coordination, large motor skills, language or cognitive skills. 

Most children develop these skills at a rate that is within the normal range for their age.  For some children, the developmental screening may indicate that more information about the child’s abilities would be helpful. 

Trained personnel administer the screenings.  Results are confidential and are shared with parents or guardians following the screenings.

If your family is living in a temporary situation, you may contact the district where you are staying to attend a screening.

Interested parents must call 313-4853 for a prescreening interview.