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"Language is the power that enables us to reason. It is the power that allows an individual to share understanding and knowledge. It it through language that our hearts and minds are stimulated. And, it is through language that we stimulate the hearts and minds of others."
6 - Trait Writing
The district Language Arts Cadre created the 6-Trait (4 pt.) writing scoring guide to help drive writing instruction. While it is more complex and thorough than the State's 2 - Trait (2 - 4 pt.) guide, we believe it will better inform instruction and allow teachers and students to improve writing skills.


Primary Trait Writing Scale - Early writing takes on a variety of forms including pictures, scribbles, letter strings as well as conventional text. In order to meet the needs of the emergent and early writer the Vancouver School district Primary Writing Scale was developed.


The Modes/Purposes of Writing

Vancouver Language Arts teachers may Submit Classroom Tips that are shared with others district-wide. (password required)

VSD theme links are those sites that have been researched and found to align with each of Silver Burdetts' six themes.

McDougal-Littell is the adopted text for the Secondary program.

Summer Reading Lists for Students

Curriculum Links listed here provide additional resources for students, teachers and parents.

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